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Forming Missionary Disciples - The Basic Tasks of Catechesis

This online independent study course will examine the six fundamental tasks of catechesis that the Church summarizes in the General Directory for Catechesis as the most effective and fruitful means to form authentic disciples of Jesus Christ. Particular emphasis will be on the need to foster in students a sense of responsibility towards the community of the Church, and the need to incorporate a missionary initiation in their catechesis. Reflecting on these tasks, catechists will give consideration to how they might equip the laity to witness Christ in their everyday lives by using their gifts and talents.

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Introduction to Scripture - Scripture and the Gospel Message

Introduction to Scripture and the Gospel Message provides a basic overview of Sacred Scripture that is advantageous for all adult Catholics, but was developed primarily for catechists. The content focuses on the Church’s principles for Biblical interpretation as explained in concrete examples drawn from the New Testament as well as a brief discussion of the benefits and shortcomings of both the ancient and modern approaches. Students will also be introduced to the Gospels and Letters of St. Paul as the fulfillment of Israel’s story in Christ and the implications for Christian doctrine and discipleship. Those who complete this course should be able to appreciate more fully the Biblical narrative as alive for themselves as Catholics and consequently, for all those that will benefit from their teaching.

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“The 35th anniversary of Catholic Distance University is a milestone to celebrate. The University’s pursuit of excellence and the search for truth coupled with a pioneer spirit in the world of distance learning make this educational community a model. Mindful of the confusion in today’s society, I give thanks for this instrument enabled to deepen knowledge of the Catholic Faith in order to promote the New Evangelization.”

–Archbishop Timothy P. Broglio of the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA; Chancellor of CDU